Isabelle after Equissage Treatment
(Note head is more relaxed, topline is more relaxed up)


Isabelle is a 27 y/o Warmblood former jumper and lower level dressage horse described as recently being "off" by her owner.  She was found to have stiffness in the poll and wither areas.

Scooter Prior to Equissage Treatment

Recent Craniosacral work.

Warning = this is a 15minute full session!

Val is my horse that I've owned only 6 months at the time of treatment.When I first owned him, he would not let me near him for any massage work.  He is still "touchy" yet does now respond with releases.  The goal for him is to be able to go deeper into the parietal bones. AND, we are working on tying in the cross ties :)

owner statement post equissage treatment by Debra Parker, E.S.M.T.

Scooter Post Equissage Treatment (note easier gait and relaxed tail)

Isabelle prior to Equissage Treatment